Business Coach for Heart-Centered Coaches and Holistic Practitioners

Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.
— Wiil Rodgers

Are you feeling frustrated with the results you’ve created in your coaching or healing business so far?

Have you enrolled in a group program (or several!) that promised you the success you were seeking, but found yourself still spinning your wheels in confusion, frustration, and overwhelm?

What if I could help you stop spinning your wheels, finally nail down your niche and your marketing message, so that you can attract the perfect clients to you without struggle?

Here’s a myriad of ways I can help you:

  • Achieve greater results in your business this year with niche and message clarity.
  • Strategize (and prioritize) your actions so you’re not wasting time or money.  
  • Get your “free gift” (lead magnet) complete and advertised to build your list.
  • Nail the way you navigate strategy sessions so your ideal clients are saying “Yes!” to working with you.
  • Easily organize and structure hot products or programs that sell.
  • Figure out your pricing so you are in alignment with your offer and are getting paid well for your service.

I have worked with a lot of women who are smart and savvy, and have big hearts. But they weren’t earning the income they wanted because they were swimming in overwhelm, doubt, and confusion.

The reason I’m good at this is because I get it; I was totally there! I was enrolled in a few different group programs. Encouraged to choose a niche that went along with my life’s journey, I found myself marketing to people who had a problem I didn’t really want to help solve.

When I finally admitted that business coaching was what I’ve always wanted to do, my gremlins crept in and I wondered what would set me apart from all the other business coaches out there. And then I realized what would set me apart: me!

I have an extraordinary talent for seeing people’s potential beyond what they can imagine for themselves. I can put the pieces together. My background in teaching reminds me how much I don’t like group programs as the sole means for building a business. As a teacher, all I wanted was a chance to sit 1:1 with each student so that I could help them focus on their individual blocks to learning. 

Now I do that as a business coach. If you’re enrolled in a group program, great! But I’ll help you navigate your way to success with or without a group.

I want you to shine in your greatness. That's how I make my impact in this world: the ripple effect of my clients’ efforts and service. It would be my honor to serve you. Click the button to the right to schedule your free consultation.