Being Authentic

I just returned from a 3-day training that honestly blew my mind.  The crowd was full of coaches, practitioners and healers all hoping for a "breakthrough" so we could take our businesses and our lives to the next level.

Imagine walking into a room full of people who instantly love you and support you -- simply because you're there.  Because you showed up. Because you said yes.  Because you made an investment in yourself and by simply being there, you were expressing a desire for support in your step forward. The Law of Receiving says, 'give that which you wish to receive.' So this was a weekend where we all showed up to give, and by giving ourselves, our support, our love, we received that and so much more. Breakthroughs happened, tears were shed, hours of laughter were shared.  And what struck me through it all were two things:

  • 1. Learning can occur by simply being in service to others.

    When you listen, when you really 'hear' someone, you see them, you acknowledge them, you feel what they are experiencing or holding onto... this powerful time (even if the exchange is only for a few minutes!) can transform you, as well as the other person.
  • 2. When you show up and give YOUR ALL, people show up and give you THEIR ALL, too.

    Being willing to be vulnerable, being willing to stand for your truth, being willing to remain open and do things that make you uncomfortable... this is where the magic happens.  This is where you are making the statement that NO MATTER WHAT, you're willing and able to move through some discomfort because of what is waiting on the other side of it.  And when you do that, there will be people waiting for you there to help you through it.

Action Step:

Notice someone in your presence who could use some support. In all reality, everyone has a struggle going on. Reach out to at least one person and offer an ear.  Really listen with intention and just hold the space for them that you see them on the other side of this difficulty.  You may find that you are the ONLY person who has said that to them. You don't need answers.  You just need the willingness to listen.

Shine on in your greatness,