What are you practicing?

Quote of the Day:

"Practice makes perfect."

Questions to Ponder:

How many times have you heard this and/or said this?  AND how many times have you actually paid attention to the value of this phrase?  What are you currently practicing that you haven't perfected yet? Perhaps it's an old habit you're working towards releasing?  Maybe it's playing an instrument with greater skill. And maybe it's practicing a thought pattern you don't want to encourage, but unconsciuosly, you're still inviting it in?  For example, we may be practicing holding grudges, or maintaining a habit that isn't serving us well.  Remember, practice makes perfect...either side of the coin.

Action Step:

Choose something that you're practicing that you'd like to continue to perfect and choose something that you're practicing that you would like to release.  Write down your intentions regarding these two areas of your life. Take steps this week in the direction of the intentions you just wrote. What do you really want?  Be sure that what you're practicing is in alignment with what you want.

Shine on in your greatness,