Would you like more money?

Quote of the Day:
"Prosperity is only an instrument to be used, not a deity to be worshiped." ~ Calvin Coolidge 

Questions to Ponder:
Would you like more money? For some of you, the mere mention of "more money" will stir emotion in you. You'll either agree with what I'm about to say, or you won't. I'm going to say it anyway. Having money can make things better. Notice I used the word "can." We all have choices. And we all have money. We witness our country making decisions based on profit in homeland defense, national healthcare and our higher education. We see big banks and corporations get away with scheme after scheme, unscathed, and we see innocent people spending years in jail because they couldn't afford a good defense attorney. In a world like that, you may hate money and what it does to people. Here's where I'd love to help change your thinking around desiring more money:

The world needs more good people to make good money to do good things in this world.

Your values aren't going to change if you earn more money. In fact, you'd probably take better care of yourself. You'd buy more wholesome food, you might join an athletic club, you may take a nice relaxing vacation. You could 'vote' more with your dollars. You could choose to support a small business instead of shopping at Target or Walmart. You could buy gifts on Etsy.com and support someone's love of arts and crafts. You could donate more towards causes that are near and dear to your heart. All of these things make you feel good, and you spread that good feeling out into the world.

So I'll ask you again: Would you like more money?  

Action Step:
The key to attracting more money to yourself is to act as if you already have it. Vote with your dollars right now. Choose to support a local business today. Treat yourself to something that makes you feel good. Donate some of your money to an organization that feeds your spirit. Express gratitude for what you do have, and don't hold onto it so tight that you miss out on enjoying it. Use it. More will come.