Controlling your addictions

Quote of the Day:
"We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking." ~Santosh Kalwar

Questions to Ponder:
What comes to your mind when you hear the word "addiction?" Drugs and alcohol? Nicotine? Sex? Food? Did you think about the thoughts that you have that could be an addiction? Some people are addicted to their rage and anger. Others are addicted to their sadness. The stories people repeatedly tell themselves is also an addiction. Have you tried to let go of a physical addiction, only to tell yourself that you can't do it? That's a sign of an addiction underneath the physical one. It's an addiction to believing that you don't have the free will to make changes to your life.

Action Step:
This past weekend I had to practice changing my thinking, and the powerful outcome I experienced is something I want all of you to experience. A few weeks ago I worked with a coach around a story I had been repeating to myself for years. This story became the lens from which I viewed my life. My coach helped me uncover this story and helped me see that I was literally addicted to telling it over and over. I told it to myself, and I told it to anyone who would listen. Because of this story, I was holding myself back from living life to the fullest and he challenged me by asking if I was willing to let go of the dis-empowering story and replace it with something more empowered. Of course I wanted to release this baggage and I really committed to it. This weekend, I was put to the test. I could repeat the story, get back into my sad state, and find plenty of listeners who would hold the space for me. Or I could face this addiction one last time and show myself that I have the ultimate power over my thoughts. I chose the latter choice. I removed myself from the triggering situation, got myself centered on who I wanted to be and made the decision to not let that story overpower me any longer.

This is the freedom I want for you. Freedom from the addictions that are holding you back. You know what they are. I challenge you to name them, and to make the decision to overcome them. 

This was such a powerful experience for me that I created an opportunity for any of you that may need some help with this. Stay tuned...I'll be emailing you later this week about it.