Listen to your desires!

 Quote of the Day:
"To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves." ~Federico García Lorca

Questions to Ponder:
I am deeply committed to helping my clients say YES to their burning desires. It is an absolute joy to watch these women step into a greater version of themselves so that they can achieve their goals and desires. I have also had some conversations with other women who are afraid to speak up about what they really want. They are not yet ready to state their desires aloud and actually take the steps to go for them because they don't believe in their own power as a creator. 

So my question for you is: What desire is lying dormant in your heart? You may know what you want deep down, but you may be brushing it off as something that will "never happen" or you focus so much on your unhappiness in one area of your life that you can't allow the desire to be born. What desire is lying dormant in your heart?

Action Step:
The unhappiness you feel is supposed to be a mere symptom of something seeking to emerge, something better than what you have now. We're not meant to focus on the unhappiness part, and wonder why we don't have something better in life. We're supposed to name the desire and confidently move towards it. The desires of your heart are part of your destiny. By not saying yes to them, you are denying your ultimate destiny. This week's Action Step is to name the desire and ask yourself: "What's one thing I CAN do to move closer to this desire actually becoming my reality?"