Quote of the Day:
"It's so ironic - When you finally achieve recognition, you hide behind dark glasses." ~ Madhuri Dixit

Questions to Ponder:
When you have achieved something of great value, do you take the time to really celebrate the achievement, or do you find yourself explaining away the success as "Lucky," or "Not really a big deal," or "Yeah, but..."?

I recognized that in myself this weekend. I was a part of a group that was playing a game over the last month for points, and the top 10 were able to deliver their 90-second message on stage to the 50+ people in the room. I hardly played the game; I earned some points and felt proud of what I HAD accomplished, but also had that inner gremlin that said "you could have done better." Well, I ended up scoring in the TOP 10! In fact, I was #4! And while the initial feeling was "Wow, I did that!" the gremlins quickly moved in. "You don't deserve it. People played the game harder than you did; you just got lucky with the way the points were earned..."

I realized I had done this many times before. When I won Teacher of the Year, I told myself the contest was rigged. I won twice and told myself that both times. When I achieved my Master's degree in Education, I told myself that others worked much harder and sacrificed a lot more time and money to achieve theirs. What I had achieved was "no big deal."

Ugh. Please stop doing this. I commit to you that I will stop doing this and I want you to commit to yourself that YOU will stop doing this, too. We were raised not to brag, and yet we lost the message along the way that it's okay to feel pride and to celebrate our success.

Action Step:
What are the top 5 accomplishments you are most proud of to date? Write them down in a list. For each one, ask yourself how you celebrated. Jot down each celebration you had. Now ask yourself: could you celebrate even more? Did you explain away your accomplishment in some way that made it "no big deal"? Reclaim the accomplishment as a BFD! (Big FREAKIN' deal) I want you to do a fist pump in the air, or a happy dance or whatever you need to do to get your energy high enough to say "I did that! Hell yeah!"

One thing I know for sure is if we don't receive our accomplishments in a celebratory way, they don't seem to come around as often as if we receive them the same way we'd receive a newborn baby. Pure bliss, pure pride and commitment to growing in the light of our new accomplishment.