When eating fruit...

Quote of the Day:
"When eating a fruit, think of the person who planted the tree." ~ Vietnamese Proverb 

Questions to Ponder:
'Tis the season of gratitude as many Americans prepare for this week's Thanksgiving holiday. It's common for us to state what we are thankful for in terms of things we have: family, friends, health, food and housing. Less common is the consideration and gratitude for the workers out there who bring us the very things we're grateful for. They are the ones that built our homes, drove the trucks with the produce we eat, planted the gardens and picked the fruit for our pies.They are the ones who protect us and keep our families safe no matter what day of the year it is, and they ring you up at the register when you purchase all the fixings for Thursday's dinner.

Have you thanked them?

Action Step:
Consider where you buy the food for Thursday's feast. See if you can make an effort to support local growers, ethically raised meat/poultry, and give an extra long smile to the cashiers that are working extra long hours so that we may enjoy our feasts. Think of the entire cycle that everything on your table required and offer up a great big "thanks" to all of the workers in that cycle.

We need each other. Let's appreciate that! Happy Thanksgiving!