What to do when someone lets you down

Quote of the Day:
"Your greatest power to change the world is to change your mind about the world." ~ A Course in Miracles 

Questions to Ponder:
What is the projected result if you hold onto the anger, sadness and regret?
What is the projected result if you move forward with love?

Action Step:
Today's action step is credited to Marianne Williamson:

If someone betrayed you, pray for that person's happiness for 30 days, every morning for 5 minutes. When you do this, one of two things will happen. Either the person will change, or you will no longer care. In the beginning, this may seem really hard. But do you think it's easy to sit there with toxicity and bitterness stewing inside of you? It's actually easier on you to bless them. 

The effect of having an open heart is that you are now ready to receive whatever it was that was taken from you in the act of betrayal. This is called divine compensation. The key is that you can't receive it unless your heart is open and ready to allow it in.