From Failure to Success

Quote of the Day:
"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm." ~ Sir Winston Churchill 

Questions to Ponder:
Do you remember in school when you were supposed to write a "rough draft" first, and then turn in a more refined version as the final paper? Did you skip the refinement part? Did you notice your results reflected your effort? This is similar to life and work today. Sometimes we have to be willing to consider that our efforts up until now have served as a "rough draft" and we actually need to take the time to refine our efforts to get the results we want. Do this enthusiastically and you'll never focus on the failure again. It becomes a lesson and you move forward with renewed conviction that you're on the right path.

Action Step:
What can you re-do? What are you willing to toss away and try again? What are you willing to review again to refine it even more? Pick the most obvious choice for you, and even if it's a huge undertaking, be willing to say "yes" to making it even betterThat one extra step in effort could bring you the results you've been waiting for! Wouldn't that be worth it?