Animal Spirits

Quote of the Day:
"Animals are not only beholders of great beauty, but they are also beholders of ancient wisdom." ~Molly Friedenfeld

Questions to Ponder:
Do you become awestruck when you interact with (or simply spot) a wild animal? Have you ever thought about the messages the animals may be giving us? Even more common animals such as squirrels can have a message for us. To be honest, this is a new concept to me. It was first brought up to me when I had to replace the alternator in my car due to a squirrel's tail shorting it. (Yuck, right?!) My friend had suggested I read about the squirrel totem. Here's what it said: "Time to look inward and see what is out of balance...have you forgotten to play?" It was when I was selling my home and moving to California. I was under so much stress and pressure that yes, I had truly forgotten to play.

The other day I was driving across the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco and I noticed traffic was stopped on the other side. As I looked closer I caught a glimpse of quite a sight! (See pics above.) It was a surreal moment in the middle of rush hour traffic where all three lanes of vehicles were going at the deer's pace, allowing plenty of room for them to lead the way. One of them stopped right in front of my car. She crossed in front of my car and stared right at me. I was a little nervous, and I'm assuming she was, too! After a moment, she was on her way with her friend.

I looked up what a deer signified as a spirit animal: "It combines both soft, gentle qualities with strength and determination. A deer may show up as a spirit guide to encourage one to trust your instinct."

As I said, this is a fairly new concept to me, but I love mysticism and I know that you don't see two deer on the Golden Gate Bridge every day. So whether or not that was a message for me, I'm going to take it. Why not?
Action Step:
Can you think of an animal that crossed your path under unlikely circumstances, whether it was under the hood of your car or right in front of it? Or you took a walk and noticed the bluest bird you have ever seen? Or you spotted a whale showing off in the ocean? Just for fun, take a look at what message that animal might be bringing to you. Why not? Here's one site that could help: