Why Just Setting Goals Isn't Enough

This workshop helps participants see that the way one thinks has a direct correlation with the results in one's life. Our actions create habits, and some of these life-long habits get in our own way to greater success. Many people have longing and discontent in their lives. We tend to focus on these problems, which only attracts more of the same! Some people understand the importance of goal-setting in order to get to where they want to go, but then feel frustrated when the timing isn't as they pictured, or they feel angry that they haven't achieved their goals yet.

This seminar will help participants see the big picture. Setting goals isn't enough. Understanding that the thoughts one thinks directly relate to the results one gets. If you set a goal to make more money, but you have a paradigm regarding wealth and abundance, your goal will not be achieved. We'll go over five mistakes people make when setting goals. We'll also cover the importance of having a clear vision and the action steps and supportive structure necessary for the goals to finally become reality.

Living Life Full Spectrum

You can have a dream at any age, under any circumstance, at any stage in life. Most of us can immediately determine in which areas of our life we feel a sense of longing or discontent. This desire for more life is the most natural thing in the whole world. Within all of us is something seeking to emerge, to be a greater, free-er, more expanded expression of who we are today.

Katie unpacks Thoreau's quote on "moving confidently in the direction of your dreams" and participants will have a visioning experience to gain greater clarity so that you can create the life that you imagine. We will also discuss how your level of success is a direct result of your habitual thinking. Changing your paradigms will change your life.