Join me for a 4-hour virtual VIP experience where we will assess what is in the way of your success.  Many clients come to me with complaints of feeling scattered, being a procrastinator, and unsure how to really overcome the mental roadblocks that are in the way of their success. We uncover the limited beliefs that are holding you back, we annihilate those beliefs and replace them with affirmations that are specific for you and your desires. From this place of possibility thinking, we are then able to get a clear vision for the business you want to build and we’ll backwards map a way to get there. I’ll set you up with the tools for success and we’ll schedule an “integration” call 7-14 days later to see what’s working, what you might be resisting and how to continue to move forward.

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VIP Coaching Program

My VIP Clients get 1:1 support for anywhere from 6 months to 1 year. To further support you, there is one group call per month where you will learn valuable content that will help you shift your limiting beliefs, learn how to manifest anything you desire, and how to continue on the path even in the face of adversity and fear. All calls are recorded for your convenience and are stored in the “Client Access” section.

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The future depends on what you do in the present.
— Mahatma Gandhi



"Ditch Your Job, Get Your Freedom" Home Study Program

Are you stuck in a job you hate? Wouldn’t you rather be well-paid doing something you love? That’s why I created the “Ditch Your Job, Get Your Freedom” 90-day home study program.

In this PROVEN step-by-step system you will learn:

  • The #1 mistake professionals make when they jump ship in search for freedom
  • The secret to leaving your job with good graces and a safety net
  • How to map out your escape route, even if you don’t yet know where to go
  • How to navigate your fear along the way

The bottom line is that there’s a better way to achieve happiness and success and it’s on your own terms. Don't think you can do it? For nearly 2 decades I've been helping people see beyond their present circumstances to step into a life they love living. I can do that for you, too.

This home study program includes:

• 12 audios (value $497)
• 3 live group coaching calls (value $297)
• 12 audios (value $497)
• A “survival guide” workbook (value $97)
• 2 private coaching sessions with Katie (value $597)

Total Value: $1488!

As a special bonus you’ll receive:

A very special audio interview on personal branding from career expert Michelle Florendo. Ditch your job and create a life where you live on your own terms. THIS is freedom. Get yours now!

Get all of the above for only $597: